User Guide

Email Collector (115 views)
Build attractive opt-in forms right into your website, and collect email addresses fast and easy.
Score Feedback (65 views)
A simple and easy way get your website visitors to give you a score feedback.
Button Bar (64 views)
Display a cool bar at the top or end of your webpage to promote offers.
Call to action (56 views)
Raise awareness and cta with a nice looking modal.
Live Counter (56 views)
Display beautiful live counter to showcase how many page views/visitors who have been on your website.
Text Feedback (52 views)
Instantly collect better real-time feedback from your website visitors with our intuitive plug-in.
Social Share (51 views)
Go viral and get more visitors on your website with social share buttons.
Information Bar (50 views)
An info bar that you can place at top or bottom of a webpage.
Emoji Feedback (48 views)
Gain insights into what users love or hate about your site using fun emojis to receive feedback
Transform your links menu into a widget, which can be displayed in a sidebar on all or specific pages.
Request Collector (47 views)
Collect phone numbers from potential leads easily with the request collector widget.
Conversions Counter (47 views)
Use the power of social proof by displaying recent conversions on your website.
Coupon Notification (47 views)
Increase conversion by letting site visitors know that you are running a sale.
Image (46 views)
Display an infographic or a banner promote sales or share information.
Countdown Collector (46 views)
Use a countdown timer to build hype while grabbing leads in the process.
Cookie Notification (45 views)
Display cookie notification per browser. You can also set to display by session or for every visit.
Collector Bar (43 views)
Collect emails or leads with customizable footer and header bars.
Coupon Bar (41 views)
Get creative and display coupon/promo codes using smart triggers.
Modal Collector (39 views)
Up your leads collection game with a nice looking, customizable modal.
Modal Collector 2.0 (32 views)
Up your leads collection game with a nice looking, customizable modal 2.0.