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increase website conversion rate

 What is website conversion?

Website conversation rate is the ability of your online presence to give you the feedback that you deserve. In other words, you can say it is the general reaction of the public to what your website has to offer at any time.

The average website conversion rate according to experts today is 5%. That is, for every 100 visitors you get on your website, only 20 of them will come back and profit from your content.

You should know that this is a general assumption. It does not mean that your website will face the same charges. It could be more or even less depending on how much effort and work you are willing to put into it.

Now, this should be your motivation to raise your rates higher. It should not discourage you.


Why is it important to have good website conversion?

The more increase website conversation rate you can collect under your hood, the better it is going to be for your website at any time. The reaction that you get by setting up your website will help you get monetary compensation from it.  You also get to feel proud of the work that you have been doing.

It is very important to get your content and potential clientele to come up with the best ways to get them more interested in investing in what you are putting on the table. The more times people access your website, the more your content reaches most people and the more it ends up profiting you.


Some of the 12 best ways to increase your website conversion rate

This is a list of some of the things you can do to increase your website conversion rates. It does not however mean that it is the only option you can apply. There are so many out there depending on what your website is offering.

Try out some of the ones below and give us feedback on how it affected your website. We would love to hear from you.


1. Includes reviews

Reviews are the best way to get your customers to trust you and keep trusting you. You wouldn’t be comfortable trying out something that you have not seen or heard working for someone else.  This is where the reviews tactic comes in.

Human beings naturally appreciate the views of others even without them knowing. It is therefore very easy to attract them with positive feedback from other people and not just your content.

Making these reviews public makes them curious to know why you have such great feedback. This will also be translated into trying out your product thus giving your great conversion rates.

2. Involve third-party signup process.

The fact that everything is nowadays online, 99%of people have emails and a working online presence. This could be through Google, Facebook, Twitter, or any other online platform. You now need to make use of this to make the sign-up process simpler. It is also easier for you to get to choose the people who will be part of your opt-in email list at any time easily.

During sign-up, allowing people to link their emails or any other option that works best for your website service, eases the process and also allows you access to better ways to involve them.  It removes the whole need to have a signup form altogether.

3. Add a live chat link to our website

Every website developer understands that the best way to get your customers to trust you is by creating a relatable bond with them. This is by assuring them that you are with them every step of the way. It also makes it easier for them to give you feedback which is very vital in making sure that you are growing.

A live chat link or tools allows whoever gets to your website to be able to contact you in case they require anything. Nowadays, this works for any type of website. Whether service providers or manufacturers.  The people need to be assured that while they try out your product, they have all the details at their fingertips.

4. Make it easy to handle.

The easier a website it is to handle, the more people will have the psych to get to work with it.  Many things in a website cause distraction, too much time trying to get what you want and it is eventually very tiring.

A simple website makes it easy for anyone to handle the website without issues or directions. They can get what they want in real-time and learn so much more in the process. We all want to make life less complicated. Therefore, a ‘simple’ website is the best way to ensure that you get the best website conversion that you were intending to have in the first place.

5. Try a money-back guarantee for the products.

Now this will work mainly for the delivery of products service. No one likes to gamble with something that they are made to pay. That is why most people will opt for the pay-on-delivery option so that they are assured they have gotten the quality that they wanted.

A money-back guarantee assures the person that as the provider you are confident of what you are offering that you can risk giving the client back the money if it does not satisfy them. It shows the client that their money is safe. If the need arises, they can easily access it back with no issues attached to it.

Despite it being a high risk especially since, in case of a fault, you as the provider will have to contend with the loss, it is one of the best ways to create trust with your clients.

6. Work more with point-of-purchase sells

Point-of-purchase sales are basically, prompting someone to buy something with a click of a button. In most cases, it usually appears just before you finish the process of purchasing an item.  It should be related to the product so that the client will not mind adding it to their list of purchases.

Many times, when we get something that works together with it, we don’t mind getting it too. For instance, your website is about to sell technological items like computers. Someone is interested in a laptop and is almost finishing the process; a laptop bag pop-up comes. The chances of them clicking on them are higher after a laptop sale than in the original sell page that you have.

7. Remove unnecessary fields

someone to be part of the website’s database. However, it gets irritating and tiring when you have to fill in so many things on the form just to get in.

Most website administrators are now being advised to make sure that only the necessary fields are being put on the form to avoid boredom and redundancy too.

Involve a count-down timer for your offers.

Ideally speaking, pressure has a way of making people make the decision then thinking deeply about them when they have already pressed that button. Someone will look at it as a manipulation method but isn’t that what we are aiming for.

Placing an open timer for a certain site, especially when it comes to products, will push the people to click on it faster, just so that they do not get left out. You however have to be careful because this works best when you get the target audience that you were looking for.  For someone who does not relate to it, will not push him to make that decision.

8. Check on your laid-out proposition.

On your website, have you been able to clearly express what you have to offer to your clients? Can they clearly say that they understand your product are willing to be part of the team that is pushing it in the market?

The people have a way of reading what you have to offer. If they cannot prefer it over the other websites, then they won’t click on your website lowering your chances of conversion. It also happens to be the easiest thing to change up when you feel like your website is not working to its potential.

You should also place it in a way that it is the first thing anyone sees when they get to your website at any time.

9. Short-time pop-ups on the site.

Having pop-ups that do not stay long on the site is vital if you want to keep the interest of your customers. In many cases, you will notice that people have to keep closing those pop-ups so that they can comfortably view your product. Especially if your product has quite a good amount of information to pass across.

This is very tiring and it causes most of the customers to just move or shift to another website. There is also a very high risk of them being attracted by the pop-up more than your website if it is in their eye-view for long. You need to keep their attention for as long as possible.

10. Use short clips and videos

Using short clips and videos to try and explain to the people what your website works with and how it is one of the clearest forms of direction. However, it is risky because you don’t get to choose how they react to it. All you can do is risk putting some content in the public and watch to see how the people will respond to it.

The videos have to be short, clear, relatable, timely, and most definitely attractive. It also depends on the product that you are trying to put out there on your website. If it does not get to boost its attraction, then it is just clutter on your page. It is better that you don’t put it in the first place.

11. Create links to your other social media platforms

Online is the way to go. The more active you are online, the more your chances of actually getting known and your whole idea getting sold.  Linking your other social media pages and links on your website allows whoever is following you to clarify your existence.

If you are active on the other pages, it is easier for the client to believe you and be prompted to be part of the team that benefits from you. In this day and age, this should be your headline action if you want more people to get interested I what your website has to offer.

12. Find a relatable logo

Naturally, for any human mind, it is easy to remember what you have seen more than what you have read about. You need to capture your customers even before they start going through your website.

A logo that works with your content and at the same time simple enough for anyone to understand is the core way you can get more people to click on your website. The more attractive the logo is, the better it is going to work for you.

The other trick is to make it casually appear on every page that is related to your website. It then becomes easier for whoever comes to your website to remember it because of the logo that is now already in their minds at that time.



Having the best option to get your website up and running is the best decision you can make.  It is even better when you know that what you are putting out there for the public is receiving the attention that it needs.  This is why you need to find ways that give you quite a good conversion rate for your website. The more people that you get interested in your website, the higher your chances of actually getting customers out of it.

Don’t just settle for the 5% rate that everyone is talking about. Make a credible standard for yourself and the traffic that gets to your website.

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