Using Email Opt-in Tools to Generate Leads & Increase Website Conversion

By February 12, 2021blog

Email opt-in tools have become so effective in our lives today. I am sure you have interacted with it more often than not, it is only that you were not aware. In simple terms, it is the client opting to be in a list of people who access certain information from a specific source. It is also called Permission advertising.

Optin tools

An optin tool is a method where you get to invite people to be part of your email list. In most cases, it is after you have attracted them using a certain item or service. You will need lead magnets like a free service that people will get once their email is in your database.

In many cases, you will notice the people in your email list are mainly those you have interacted with them before, or have heard of what you are willing to offer them. Sometimes, you get some strays which are okay.

Double optin tool

With today’s security mishaps, a new form of optin called ‘Double optin’ has been introduced. In the past, you only needed to sign up using your email and you get into the email list. However, now, you need to have the person accept that they want to be on the list before you can start sending them things.

This email optin tool is fully run and guided by the GDPR compliance that protects the consumer and also the provider from people who unnecessarily don’t need what you are offering.

Opt-in email list

The number of emails you get to accept your lead magnet form a list which we call, the optin email list. It is the number of people who will be getting access to whatever information you will be passing out to them at any time.

The exciting thing about this is that only the people who genuinely want access to your database, get to join the list. You, therefore, avoid being spammed or get your brand tarnished.

Some benefits of using the opt-in tools

  • Cheaper

More than anything, online marketing is so cheap. However, email opt-in tools have just made it cheaper. Anyone who has used email before knows how easy and cheap it is to access information and even share information. All in a click of a button.

Sharing information then on your email lists is way cheaper and so affordable for anyone. You only need your email list, your product and good internet.


  • On-time.

The idea behind marketing is getting to consumers at the right time. Opt-in tools allow you to get the product to your client base when it is still fresh and hot. Unlike the other marketing tools, where a client can only get new information from a referral.

Here, as long as you are part of the list, you will get the information immediately from the source.

  • Customer relationship.

The idea behind opt-in is that the client accepts to be part of your team. With this, it is easier for you to be on the same page with them. You get to have a mutual interaction between the two of you, over agreeable levels.

It is, therefore, easier for you to even get feedback and suggestions from them easily. You are then confident of the trust that your people have over you and the product that you are offering them at any time.

  • Effective segmentations.

The power behind opt-in tools is that only the people who are interested in your product will get involved. Marketing is all about getting to the niche that your product will work for.

With your opt-in list, you know get to have a better idea of the people you are dealing with at any time confidently.  Your marketing strategy will therefore be objective and targeting.

  • High rates of ROI’s.

According to researchers, email marketing has a way of returning your investment 40% more.  The fact that it is timely gets to the right people and at the right time, making it easier for you to get great feedback on your product.

Getting to keep your clients and even find new ways of getting new people is all dependent on your ROI. If it is low, you are sure to have more loses than gains.

  • Easy to measure.

One thing about online marketing, more so opt-in tools, is that you can measure the reaction from the clients. You can get conversion rates, click-through rates and even bounce rates. With this, you will know if they have shared it, assumed it or if they clicked on it.  The metrics behind marketing is the actual gold.

  • Boosts creativity.

Marketing is all about getting what people should want but don’t know yet. The more lead magnets you get for your product, the longer your email list will eventually be. This is a clear indication of growth and positive feedback.


  • Online purchases.

Most of the online marketing we do is to show our clients that we can also provide the product online. Therefore, it also means that if it is good, they can also buy it online. In today’s times, this is majorly how books, journals and even tutorials get shared all over and still allow the source producer to get financial profit out of it.



Trying out the opt-in tool will be one of your most objective decisions you could have ever made for your brand. It will prove to be cheaper, timely for your marketing and better to create a relationship with your client. They can even talk to you and give you effective feedback. The more click-through and bounce rates you get, will also help ensure that your website gets the marketing it needs. More people will sign up for it, and you will get the ROI that you sorely look for every time.

You can never go wrong with opt-in tools. As long as you are smart, derivative and understanding of your product and your target audience.

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