How you can use social proof to increase website conversion

By February 12, 2021blog

Social proof is a good way to show people your credibility. Many times people use product reviews to help them make a decision when purchasing a product or service. Many businesses have established a way of using social proof to increase their conversations with clients and make them at ease, knowing that other people have used the product. Thus the fear of buying the product is eliminated. Having product reviews for your business can increase your sales and the conversation rates with a higher percentage other than the product descriptions you have put. People trust the product reviews more than the product reviews because they have been signaled by others that the product or service displayed on a website is legit or not and whether you can get the value for your money.

Use Testimonials

Using social proof testimonials will help you increase the website conversation rate. Visitors are just piping in your website sorting to get a service or product rely on testimonials to make a solid decision on whether the services or product you offer are legitimate or either other people have used them before or not. Taking, for example, you are more likely to get food from a restaurant that has people enjoying their meals other than empty ones. You will be sure that the restaurant with people enjoying their meals offers quality service, making people trust them.

Let your colleagues know that they can rely on you for your services, and add them to your website as testimonials. This will help you increase your conversation rate on your website.

The Power of Social Media

Social networking is a great social proof way of increasing your website conversation rate and hence your brands. Many people use social media platforms to obtain goods and services. Therefore, to increase your website conversation rate, add share buttons to your posts so that your fans can see them and repost in their blogs or posts. Display your followers and even clients using your services or products, and this will guarantee you an increase in your website conversation rate.

Product Reviews

It’s no secret that most people depend on product reviews to purchase an item. Adding product reviews gives clients confidence that the product displayed is working perfectly or not and helps increase your website conversation rate. Display reviews, whether positive or negative, and it will build trust in your clients.

Case Study

conducting a case study is a social proof that is hard to ignore if you want to increase your website conversation rate. Conducting a case study requires that you use actual data. If companies have increased their website conversation rate by using your product, make sure to include the rates before using your product and the rates they have after using your product. Include also how their challenges were solved after using your product or services and the final results obtained. This will help you increase your website conversation rate as customers will be looking at how you have helped others see their problems solved.

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