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How to increase website conversion and sales

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Do you have an online store with good traffic indicators and high search positions, and besides, you invest a lot of money in contextual advertising, but there are still not enough applications? This is a fairly common problem among online business owners. Don’t worry, this problem can be solved! The website conversion rate is influenced by many factors. And we will tell you how to fix it.


  • What is a normal conversion rate?
  • Add authoritative customer reviews
  • Place a block with logos of client companies
  • Show achievements and awards
  • Tell about your company
  • Add complete datasheet to product pages
  • Replace button labels
  • Add order benefits to pages
  • Upload more product images
  • Apply technical triggers
  • Choose the optimal color scheme and layout for the site
  • Decorate texts beautifully
  • Technical factors that drive conversions
  • Use a lead catcher or follow up form
  • Clear navigation
  • High download speed
  • The responsive layout or mobile version of the site
  • Abandoned cart reminder
  • Chat and callback order form, one-click purchase


What is a normal conversion rate?

Website conversion


Each site has an individual conversion rate. There are no standards like 1% as some would argue. For one business niche, perhaps 0.5% is quite enough, and for another, 5% is not enough.

The most converting are considered online stores, in which:

offer users a unique product;

stocked up USP (unique selling proposition).

If the competition in the business niche is high, then the conversion rate will below. And vice versa: if you have few competitors in the market, or they do not exist at all, significant conversions will be high.

The example below demonstrates the metrics that we derived using our own experience.

Increase website conversion rate

Some can be influenced (subjective), others cannot (objective). Today we will talk about how to increase the conversion of a resource and what factors will help in this.

So, what should you do first of all?

Increase the authority of the site. This is a very important factor as it influences the client’s decision to order a product/service. Sociological studies show that about 80% of online shoppers are willing to overpay if this offer is from a well-known brand.

In order to gradually increase the authority of the site, you must:


1.Add authoritative customer reviews

Website conversion

The ideal option would not even review (since they are often dry and formal), but letters of thanks from large and famous, and most importantly, satisfied customers. It’s even better if the messages are with photographs and wet stamps. Then they look more trustworthy. Letters should confirm the reliability and benefits of cooperation with you.


2. Place a block with logos of clients’ companies

Website conversion

Many (almost all) commercial Internet resources use this technique. This is done in order to confirm the status of customers who order your goods or services. For users who first came to your resource and doubt the advisability of working with you, this will be a significant advantage. The logic is clear: “If such well-known brands have contacted this company, then I should.”

A common mistake is listing clients without using their logo. The person who views the list does not have specific images and associations with the named brand. It is much more difficult to judge the importance of such a client, so users subconsciously rush to go to another site as soon as possible, to which they will immediately be imbued with trust thanks to the visualization of logos. It seems to be a trifle, but an important point from the point of view of psychology.

3. Show achievements and awards

Website conversion

Be sure to share the company’s achievements if they are documented and visualized. This will at least keep the visitor on the site longer, and as a maximum, it will stimulate him to complete the search by placing an order or at least drawing up and sending an application. By the way, personal certificates will also work as a reward. For example, about the completion of courses by an employee. The goal is the same as in the first two paragraphs – to prove your own competence and convince the user that you can be trusted.

show achievements and awards

4. Tell about your company

Website conversion

Storytelling is very influential. Avoiding it means not taking another chance to get customers. Many companies do not focus on the section “About the Company”, limiting themselves to a couple of standard sentences. But in vain. According to statistics, every second user planning to place an order goes to the specified section to get more information. The client needs to make sure the company has a personal history. In addition to the information in a special section, you can post additional information in the news or blog. For example, like this story.

Remember: on the page, you need not only to place selling elements but also to optimize them.

By changing some of the elements on the page, you can improve the conversion. Of course, it is better to think over all these elements at the resource planning stage. This is the responsibility of the internet marketer. Unfortunately, not all site owners allocate funds for this specialist. As a result, errors inherent at the planning stage have to be eliminated after the launch of the resource.


5. Add a full technical description to product pages

Website conversion

This is especially important for resources that sell technological goods or goods with a large number of technical characteristics. This is, for example:

household appliances;


building materials, etc.

Product specifications are what visitors who plan to purchase typically compare. The selection of goods (products, models, articles) is usually carried out according to a certain set of criteria. If suddenly a page with a product does not provide information by some criterion, the client will most likely assume that the requested criterion is missing. Even if it isn’t. Therefore, in order to avoid misunderstandings, it is better to indicate all known characteristics of the product. Moreover, you can use both text and video formats for this.


6. Replace button labels

Website conversion

Buttons are more effective than lettering. Site elements that encourage visitors to take any targeted actions should be designed as buttons.

The American internet marketing agency AWeber conducted a study several years ago. We compared how pages with two different graphic displays of a call to action affect the behavioral factor:

As a result of the research, marketers have voiced specific numbers: a call to action in the form of a button is 30% more effective than a link.

If the call is not observed at all or is not active, then this is already a problem that needs to be urgently addressed. Otherwise, sales will never increase.


7. Add order benefits to pages

Website conversion

It can be:



graphic elements and more.

It is necessary to convince the user that this particular product is the best choice and will cover current needs. The client must be sure that there is no need to continue the search, but it is better to complete the purchase faster.


8. Upload more product images

We have seen from our own experience that adding product images increases its conversion rate by 32%.

The photo below shows the product with one photo. Agree: not enough for the buyer to have a complete picture of the smartphone model. The user himself will understand that he needs more visual information. Therefore, most likely, he will leave the site and continue searching.

To give the site visitor a complete picture of the product, you should add images that show the smartphone (in this case) from the side and back.

Since in the online store the user initially does not have the possibility of tactile contact with the product (touch, hold in his hands), it is very important to help him get the most accurate idea of ​​the future purchase.


9. Apply technical triggers

Website conversion

Trigger translated from English means “trigger”. This is a message that prompts the site visitor to take the expected action. Triggers affect sales. They trigger human instincts such as fear and greed and push him to the desired action.

Let’s take a site for the sale of electrical equipment. Let’s try to imagine a typical buyer, say, a hydraulic accumulator. These are mainly middle-aged and older men. First of all, it is important for them:

product quality;

its technical characteristics;

warranty term, etc.

At the same time, he is absolutely indifferent to what color this battery will be. Free shipping and a 12-month warranty are more likely to prompt a visitor to buy a device than a bright turquoise color.

In this case, the emphasis is placed on the technical characteristics of the product – manufacturer, tank volume, pressure, and material of manufacture, as well as on the possibility of purchasing by installments.

Where are we heading? In addition, if you manage to understand the type of average visitor to your site, you will be able to increase conversions.

Make the site more attractive to users

The first thing a visitor pays attention to is the design and layout of the web resource. In the case of a negative impression on the first visit, the user will most likely not proceed to the next stage of the sales funnel. He never finds out that you have the best assortment, the lowest prices, and the politest consultants.

To prevent such a situation from happening, it is necessary to earn the sympathy and trust of the potential client from the first visit. How can this be achieved?

10. Choose the optimal color scheme and layout for the site

Website conversionThe law of site design says: the color scheme of the resource and its subject matter should overlap. The inconsistencies here will lead to the failure of the entire sales campaign. For a site with army goods, pink and blue tones are unlikely to be suitable, while for an online toy store, this is just what you need.

The picture shows a site with goods for children. Four bright squares above the inscription “Children’s world”, of course, add variety to the design of the resource, but in general, the color is monotonous and boring. Would be more suitable for an educational portal or recruiting agency. Although the sections are clearly structured into buttons and even a separate search for the site is displayed, which makes it easier to work with the site.

The layout of the information is similar to the previous example, but due to the bright colors, the site is perceived in a completely different way. Creative CTAs help create a positive experience. For example, like that little green one in the upper right corner.


NOTE: Design is a subjective concept. Before making any changes, consult with a graphic design expert.


11. Design texts beautifully

It is advisable to tackle the issue of choosing a font for text content at the stage of website development. But often, to save time, developers use standard styles and settings. Because of this, the texts look unattractive, and, accordingly, there is no desire to read them. Style is needed not only for text but also for:


  • heading design;
  • bulleted lists;
  • footnotes;
  • links and other elements.
  • clothing store text
  • heading in capital letters;
  • breaking the text into paragraphs.
  • Cons of registration:

the text is stretched in width (attention is scattered when reading);

there are no bulleted lists, which makes the text visually difficult to perceive.

Technical factors that drive conversions

In fact, there are many such factors. And the conversion rate directly depends on them.


What should be done to improve factors?

Optimize page loading speed!

As research and practice show, a visitor is ready to wait no more than 2-3 seconds for a website to load. Nobody likes to wait. Especially when you don’t have to. Therefore, the visitor is more likely to click on the cross in the upper right corner or return to the search results and select another resource than torment himself with expectations.

You can check the website loading speed right now using the service from Google. And here it is To check it, it is enough to drive the address of the web resource into the search bar.

Check all pages:




product pages and so on.

If all is well with the test results, you will see a green rating on the screen. If the yellow color is highlighted, it means that your resource needs improvements to increase the download speed. The service even “rolls out” a list of recommendations for improving the site.


12. Use a lead catcher or follow up form

The Lead Catcher is similar to the Pokémon Catcher, only it does not catch Pokémon, but practically lost customers. This technology works as follows: if the visitor intended to close the page, the catcher fixes his move up to the right corner and shows a modal window.

In some cases, adding such functionality increases conversion by 55-60%.

The “subscribe to the newsletter” function works a little differently. This form is in a prominent place on the site and invites users to subscribe to stay up to date with all events within the company:

  • news;
  • shares;
  • discounts, etc.
  • form – subscribe to the newsletter

A common occurrence is a subscription bonus. For example, a discount for a certain amount when placing your first order. Such a motivational form helps to collect an impressive database of contact information (email addresses) of users in order to work with them through cold channels in the future and use them for email newsletters.


13. Clear navigation

Simplifying custom navigation is a fairly broad topic that we will devote a separate article to. Now let’s look at the main points:

The intuitive arrangement of content blocks. Based on the experience of interacting with other resources, most Internet users have preconceived ideas about where and what type of content on the page should be located. The main offer is the first screen of the landing page, contacts are the upper left corner, product information 2, 3 screens, etc. By posting content in a way that is familiar to the visitor, you significantly speed up his interaction with the site.

Hints. Another important detail is the tooltips on buttons and active elements. They should briefly but clearly explain to the user exactly what action he will take by clicking on the button.

Search and filtering tools. It is extremely important for online stores to provide a convenient search for goods. But it should be borne in mind that the buyer does not always know exactly the name of the product he wants to purchase. Therefore, in addition to searching by name, you should also add filters for certain characteristics: manufacturer, cost, purpose and parameters, materials, etc.

Convenient structure. It is important that the user, being on the main page, can easily find the desired page without using the search. To do this, pages should be combined into systems of categories and subcategories according to the characteristics that are very clear for the visitor.

Bread crumbs. This micro-markup element tells the user exactly which page of the site he is on. Breadcrumbs are clickable and show the shortest path from the Home page to the current page. With their help, the user can easily return to the desired section of the site without unnecessary transitions.

You can use the Yandex. Metrica Webvisor tool to track the actions of visitors on the site. It displays clicks, mouse movements, and other actions taken on the page.


 14. High download speed

If a visitor has to wait until the first content appears on the page, his desire and willingness to place an order will fade away with every second. Also, slow page loading is one of the main reasons for visitors leaving. On average, an Internet user is ready to wait no more than 3 seconds. This time can be increased by adding a progress bar displaying the progress of loading content, or a preloader, but this solution should be used only in cases where it is impossible to increase the speed.

You can estimate the loading speed on the site using the Google Page Speed ​​tool. It also contains tips and tricks for optimizing site speed. Basic methods:

 compressing images using Gzip;

code optimization: loading styles first, removing unnecessary pieces of CSS and JS, etc.

lazy loading of pages with a lot of images and other heavy elements.

Performance problems are often the result of poorly chosen hosting. The server may not be able to cope with heavy loads, or it may be too far from the region where your target audience lives. In this case, it is worth revising the terms of cooperation with the hosting provider or organizing the relocation of the site.


15. The responsive layout or mobile version of the site

In Google, the daily number of queries entered from smartphones has long exceeded the desktop. About half of website visitors are mobile users. In order not to lose this segment of the audience, you need to ensure the convenience of the site for viewing from smartphones. There are two main methods:

creation of a mobile version;

Adaptive layout.

The mobile version is sort of a separate site that mobile users are redirected to. This solution is suitable for highly loaded resources with very high traffic. But its creation and administration require significant additional labor and time.

Responsive layout is the more popular method. In this case, the design of the resource adjusts to the screen of the visitor’s device, which makes it possible to make various options for users of desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

 16. Abandoned cart reminder

Some of the buyers of online stores do not complete the purchase. They browse the products, add them to the cart, and then leave. This phenomenon, called “abandoned carts”, indicates that the user showed interest and readiness to purchase the product, and then for some reason left.

One of the most effective methods of dealing with abandoned carts is by sending reminders. In this case, the potential buyer receives emails with reminders that he has not completed the purchase. If he lost the address of your resource or simply forgot, the letters will most likely return the buyer. If he was not active, then to the last letter you can attach a form with a survey to get feedback.


 17. Chat and callback order form, one-click purchase

Different users prefer different order or purchase formats. Therefore, it is important to provide for the most convenient ones.

Chatting with an online consultant on the site is an effective tool for resources in the service industry. With its help, the user can get any additional information about the terms of the order or cooperation. There are many free services that provide this functionality for free.

But it is important to remember that the effectiveness of the chat will depend on two main factors: the speed of reaction to the call and the professionalism of the consultant. If the visitor has to wait too long for a response, this will only cause a negative reaction. As well as communicating with a consultant who cannot or does not want to provide the necessary information.

Ordering a call back is another opportunity to quickly get additional advice before placing an order. It is worth remembering that this tool is usually used by visitors who do not have time to study the content of the resource. Therefore, it is important to quickly respond to the request, the optimal time is within 15 minutes. Also, the Callback widget can be configured in the form of a pop-up window that the user sees when he is about to leave the site. This helps to reduce the loss of customers.

One-click purchase is a quick purchase format when the user needs to enter a minimum of contact details and other information when ordering. This tool is especially effective for converting mobile users.



This material only partially covers ways to increase conversions. In fact, this is a whole science, which is fraught with many approaches. The main trends in design, marketing, and sales approach are gradually changing. In order not to lose customers, it is worth working on conversion regularly.

We recommend that you regularly conduct A / B tests of content and various design options for landing pages, collect data on conversion rates at different stages of user interaction with the site, and analyze user behavior on the site. This will help you understand exactly where the most interested visitors are leaving and prepare solutions that will help fix the situation.

We hope our material will help you find flaws on your site, fix them and thereby increase conversion.

increase website conversion rate


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 What is website conversion?

Website conversation rate is the ability of your online presence to give you the feedback that you deserve. In other words, you can say it is the general reaction of the public to what your website has to offer at any time.

The average website conversion rate according to experts today is 5%. That is, for every 100 visitors you get on your website, only 20 of them will come back and profit from your content.

You should know that this is a general assumption. It does not mean that your website will face the same charges. It could be more or even less depending on how much effort and work you are willing to put into it.

Now, this should be your motivation to raise your rates higher. It should not discourage you.


Why is it important to have good website conversion?

The more increase website conversation rate you can collect under your hood, the better it is going to be for your website at any time. The reaction that you get by setting up your website will help you get monetary compensation from it.  You also get to feel proud of the work that you have been doing.

It is very important to get your content and potential clientele to come up with the best ways to get them more interested in investing in what you are putting on the table. The more times people access your website, the more your content reaches most people and the more it ends up profiting you.


Some of the 12 best ways to increase your website conversion rate

This is a list of some of the things you can do to increase your website conversion rates. It does not however mean that it is the only option you can apply. There are so many out there depending on what your website is offering.

Try out some of the ones below and give us feedback on how it affected your website. We would love to hear from you.


1. Includes reviews

Reviews are the best way to get your customers to trust you and keep trusting you. You wouldn’t be comfortable trying out something that you have not seen or heard working for someone else.  This is where the reviews tactic comes in.

Human beings naturally appreciate the views of others even without them knowing. It is therefore very easy to attract them with positive feedback from other people and not just your content.

Making these reviews public makes them curious to know why you have such great feedback. This will also be translated into trying out your product thus giving your great conversion rates.

2. Involve third-party signup process.

The fact that everything is nowadays online, 99%of people have emails and a working online presence. This could be through Google, Facebook, Twitter, or any other online platform. You now need to make use of this to make the sign-up process simpler. It is also easier for you to get to choose the people who will be part of your opt-in email list at any time easily.

During sign-up, allowing people to link their emails or any other option that works best for your website service, eases the process and also allows you access to better ways to involve them.  It removes the whole need to have a signup form altogether.

3. Add a live chat link to our website

Every website developer understands that the best way to get your customers to trust you is by creating a relatable bond with them. This is by assuring them that you are with them every step of the way. It also makes it easier for them to give you feedback which is very vital in making sure that you are growing.

A live chat link or tools allows whoever gets to your website to be able to contact you in case they require anything. Nowadays, this works for any type of website. Whether service providers or manufacturers.  The people need to be assured that while they try out your product, they have all the details at their fingertips.

4. Make it easy to handle.

The easier a website it is to handle, the more people will have the psych to get to work with it.  Many things in a website cause distraction, too much time trying to get what you want and it is eventually very tiring.

A simple website makes it easy for anyone to handle the website without issues or directions. They can get what they want in real-time and learn so much more in the process. We all want to make life less complicated. Therefore, a ‘simple’ website is the best way to ensure that you get the best website conversion that you were intending to have in the first place.

5. Try a money-back guarantee for the products.

Now this will work mainly for the delivery of products service. No one likes to gamble with something that they are made to pay. That is why most people will opt for the pay-on-delivery option so that they are assured they have gotten the quality that they wanted.

A money-back guarantee assures the person that as the provider you are confident of what you are offering that you can risk giving the client back the money if it does not satisfy them. It shows the client that their money is safe. If the need arises, they can easily access it back with no issues attached to it.

Despite it being a high risk especially since, in case of a fault, you as the provider will have to contend with the loss, it is one of the best ways to create trust with your clients.

6. Work more with point-of-purchase sells

Point-of-purchase sales are basically, prompting someone to buy something with a click of a button. In most cases, it usually appears just before you finish the process of purchasing an item.  It should be related to the product so that the client will not mind adding it to their list of purchases.

Many times, when we get something that works together with it, we don’t mind getting it too. For instance, your website is about to sell technological items like computers. Someone is interested in a laptop and is almost finishing the process; a laptop bag pop-up comes. The chances of them clicking on them are higher after a laptop sale than in the original sell page that you have.

7. Remove unnecessary fields

someone to be part of the website’s database. However, it gets irritating and tiring when you have to fill in so many things on the form just to get in.

Most website administrators are now being advised to make sure that only the necessary fields are being put on the form to avoid boredom and redundancy too.

Involve a count-down timer for your offers.

Ideally speaking, pressure has a way of making people make the decision then thinking deeply about them when they have already pressed that button. Someone will look at it as a manipulation method but isn’t that what we are aiming for.

Placing an open timer for a certain site, especially when it comes to products, will push the people to click on it faster, just so that they do not get left out. You however have to be careful because this works best when you get the target audience that you were looking for.  For someone who does not relate to it, will not push him to make that decision.

8. Check on your laid-out proposition.

On your website, have you been able to clearly express what you have to offer to your clients? Can they clearly say that they understand your product are willing to be part of the team that is pushing it in the market?

The people have a way of reading what you have to offer. If they cannot prefer it over the other websites, then they won’t click on your website lowering your chances of conversion. It also happens to be the easiest thing to change up when you feel like your website is not working to its potential.

You should also place it in a way that it is the first thing anyone sees when they get to your website at any time.

9. Short-time pop-ups on the site.

Having pop-ups that do not stay long on the site is vital if you want to keep the interest of your customers. In many cases, you will notice that people have to keep closing those pop-ups so that they can comfortably view your product. Especially if your product has quite a good amount of information to pass across.

This is very tiring and it causes most of the customers to just move or shift to another website. There is also a very high risk of them being attracted by the pop-up more than your website if it is in their eye-view for long. You need to keep their attention for as long as possible.

10. Use short clips and videos

Using short clips and videos to try and explain to the people what your website works with and how it is one of the clearest forms of direction. However, it is risky because you don’t get to choose how they react to it. All you can do is risk putting some content in the public and watch to see how the people will respond to it.

The videos have to be short, clear, relatable, timely, and most definitely attractive. It also depends on the product that you are trying to put out there on your website. If it does not get to boost its attraction, then it is just clutter on your page. It is better that you don’t put it in the first place.

11. Create links to your other social media platforms

Online is the way to go. The more active you are online, the more your chances of actually getting known and your whole idea getting sold.  Linking your other social media pages and links on your website allows whoever is following you to clarify your existence.

If you are active on the other pages, it is easier for the client to believe you and be prompted to be part of the team that benefits from you. In this day and age, this should be your headline action if you want more people to get interested I what your website has to offer.

12. Find a relatable logo

Naturally, for any human mind, it is easy to remember what you have seen more than what you have read about. You need to capture your customers even before they start going through your website.

A logo that works with your content and at the same time simple enough for anyone to understand is the core way you can get more people to click on your website. The more attractive the logo is, the better it is going to work for you.

The other trick is to make it casually appear on every page that is related to your website. It then becomes easier for whoever comes to your website to remember it because of the logo that is now already in their minds at that time.



Having the best option to get your website up and running is the best decision you can make.  It is even better when you know that what you are putting out there for the public is receiving the attention that it needs.  This is why you need to find ways that give you quite a good conversion rate for your website. The more people that you get interested in your website, the higher your chances of actually getting customers out of it.

Don’t just settle for the 5% rate that everyone is talking about. Make a credible standard for yourself and the traffic that gets to your website.

Benefits of email opt in tool to generate leads and increase website conversion

Email opt-in tool increase website conversion

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Digital Marketing trending now at the top of all things marketing. At present a huge number of customers available on different digital platforms. Therefore generating sales online is much easier. However, to reach your target customer you must have to prepare a data-driven digital marketing strategy. Therefore, at first, you have to generate relevant leads. E-mail marketing is one of the best ways to reach your target customer. Nevertheless, the question is, how can you get the relevant leads for your Product from a website, and how the Benefits of the email opt-in tools increase your conversion rate.

You can create a marketing funnel to grab your target customer. At first, you have to create a website from where a customer can know about your product and service and see your offers. Then set attractive and noticeable pop-up messages, notifications, and buttons to your page. It will motivate your visitor to purchase your product. You can also set pop-up forms. If your visitor has an interest in your product, they will be left their email id and other important information on the form. In this way, you will get relevant information and use them in the future, as they are convertible leads.

Email opt-in tool is specially created to make your email marketing campaign easy. You can create different lead conversion campaigns within minutes. With an email opt-in tool, you will able to customize and design your own campaign effectively. It has many features to explore. Obviously, it is easy to use and cheaper than hiring a website developer. Now you can save your money and invest it wisely in the other sectors. So let us explore what are the benefits of an email opt-in tool:

Build Pop up forms easily:

Increase website conversion

An Email opt-in tool allows users to customize different popup and overlay campaigns. They have optimized popup templates to get maximum conversion rates. To generate leads from your business website you have to create different marketing campaigns. Therefore, you have to use attractive opt-in forms, popups, and overlays. To create these types of opt-in forms, popups, and overlays you have to know coding and designing skills. Nevertheless, with the help of opt-in tools, you can easily build up eye-catchy designs. You can build any type of user-friendly campaign through their pop-up builder. Such as you can easily design floating bar, full-screen form, yes/no forms, inline and sidebar forms, etc. You can choose from any pre-designed template or include your own code to get a customized design.

Multi-step forms

Increase website conversion

You may often need to use multi-step forms and can add the Call to Action button to grab the attention of the visitor and show them a targeted offer to see the result of what happens when the visitor clicks on the button. you can easily set up these campaigns with an email opt-in tool. Some of the Email opt-in tools allow users to customize different popup and overlay campaigns. They have optimized popup templates to get maximum conversion rates. To generate leads from your business website you have to create different marketing campaigns. Therefore, you have to use attractive opt-in forms, popups, and overlays.

To create these types of opt-in forms, popups, and overlays you have to know coding and designing skills. Nevertheless, with the help of opt-in tools, you can easily build up eye-catchy designs. You can build any type of user-friendly campaign through their pop-up builder. Such as you can easily design floating bar, full-screen form, yes/no forms, inline and sidebar forms, etc.

Mobile and Tablet Friendly Popups

Increase website conversion

Your leads are on mobile and tablets too. Therefore, If you design your opt-in popups only for desktop then you may lose your leads. An Email opt-in tool allows users to customize different popup and overlay campaigns. They have optimized popup templates to get maximum conversion rates. To generate leads from your business website you have to create different marketing campaigns. Therefore, you have to use attractive opt-in forms, popups, and overlays. To create these types of opt-in forms, popups, and overlays you have to know coding and designing skills. Nevertheless, with the help of opt-in tools, you can easily build up eye-catchy designs. You can build any type of user-friendly campaign through their pop-up builder.

Such as you can easily design floating bar, full-screen form, yes/no forms, inline and sidebar forms, etc. You can choose from any pre-designed template or include your own code to get a customized design. provide various well-crafted templates for mobiles and tablets. Which is pre-optimized to get lead conversions. You can also customize them as per your need. Moreover, for that, you do not have to know any coding language. “Drag and drop” is the only thing you have to do to customize it. They also offer these pre-made templates to use on various website platforms and are not only limited to WordPress, Shopify, Magento, etc. Therefore, whatever web platform you use, you can be tension-free with your email opt-in tool.

Send a custom success message

Increase website conversion

When your user has already submitted their information to your website then we can say that they have interest in your offer. Therefore, after submitting their information you can send another popup message instantly where you can ask your subscribers to whitelist your email address to increase email deliverability or to follow you and share your content on social media. Otherwise, you can send a thank you message to maintain courtesy. Whatever you want to do, it is easy to do with an email opt-in tool to increase conversion within a couple of minutes.

Adding Sound effects and animation:

increase website conversion

Animation or sound effects grab more attention than simple text or image. So, if you want to grab the maximum attention of your visitor, you must have to use attractive sound effects and animation. To do it manually you need to know CSS coding language. However, if you have an email opt-in tool you can add any of the animation effects and sound effects from their gallery for your email opt-in campaign. Therefore, if you want to build an attractive and attention-grabbing email opt-in tool campaign but do not have a developer then an email opt-in tool is the best option for you.

Create Manage and control Campaigns From one place:

Increase website conversion

To get maximum leads you have to create various opt-in campaigns. It is really a hard and time-consuming task to create each campaign manually and manage them from one place.

Through the Email opt-in tool, you can choose from the various pre-made opt-in campaign types and organize them from one place. Generally, a good email opt-in tool offers all the campaigns popular in the market for lead generation.

Track your exact lead through scroll trigger:

increase website conversion

Scroll Trigger is an amazing feature that is helpful to track the exact visitor who has the most interest in your content. We can say Visitors who scroll 50% of your webpage have some interest in your content. Moreover, they are convertible leads. Therefore, if you can set a popup form that shows only when a visitor scrolls 50% or more of a page then you can generate some effective leads. Through an email opt-in tool, you will be able to create this type of trigger easily. For an e-commerce website, it can be a great way to get their target customer.

Track inactive user and retarget them:

increase website conversion

Target inactive users are important. Otherwise, you can miss some potential customers. Most of the time visitors read your content and leave it from your web page without responding. Again, some of the users open multiple tabs on a single window and that is why tracking them becomes hard. In that case, we call them inactive users. An email opt-in tool can help to track these types of inactive users and then you can set some specific reminder pop-ups to re-engage with them. So if you do not want to miss your potential lead use an opt-in tool to retarget inactive visitors and grow your email list.

Set a timer to show popups after a specific time

Increase website conversion

Generally, people come to your website to read articles or to get information. But whenever they come to the website they see a lot of popups floating on the window. That really irritates a user and can reduce page views.  An email opt-in tool can help in this case. You have to use a time trigger to track how much time visitors spend on your site. Then you can set a timer and control exactly when a visitor sees the popup. If you follow this process, your visitor will not feel it irritating. After that, they will happily give you the exact information. In that way, an email Opt-in tool helps to get more engagement and increase lead generation.

Schedule your campaign through an email opt-in tool

Increase website conversion

Schedule campaigns are really a great feature for e-commerce sites. Suppose you have a special offer. Besides, you want to show that offer through a popup message on “1 January”. You can do it with an email opt-in tool. What you have to do is create a campaign and then schedule it for “January 1”. Now it will activate automatically on “1 January”. You can also set the ending time of the campaign. This is the way, how an email opt-in tool saves your time and energy! Now spend it wisely on other creative work.

Segment your leads

Increase website conversion

You can set a targeted campaign for the visitors who are coming from specific sources. Some of the opt-in tools have an option to track the source from where the visitor is coming and show them a specific opt-in form. Such as, you will see different from if you click a link from different social media platforms. So this way, you can see from which sources maximum leads are coming. You can also target segment the visitor by analyzing their favourite topic. Just track which page your specific visitor loves to browse. This is known as page-level targeting. Now track the sector your visitors love most then segment your leads and promote specific and relevant offers. Promoting relevant offers surely increases your conversion rate. Ultimately, it will also maximize your profit. So use an email opt-in tool to retarget customers and improve conversion rate.

Explore more retargeting campaign option:

Increase website conversion

Through an Email opt-in tool, you can set various retargeting campaigns. You can target repeat customers and set different promotional offers for the next visits as they have already purchased your first product. You can also target customers based on their geographical location and show relevant offers. Collecting information from cookies is another way to retarget your potential leads. In that way, it becomes easy to track their interest. Device-based retargeting is also possible. so opt-in tools ease your retargeting campaign and promote only relevant offers. Monitoring all this campaign is also easy.

Bypass Ad Block

Increase website conversion

Nowadays millions of users use Ad-block software. That software hides pop-up ads and forms from the user’s browser. For that reason, they cannot see your ads or popup forms. Therefore, the performance of your campaign falls and the generation of leads also decreases. A powerful opt-in tool can bypass the ad blocker and help to gain maximum leads.

Share your leads:

Increase website conversion

After collecting leads, you may have to share them with joint venture partners. Alternatively, you may have to import leads from other platforms. However, manually sharing leads consumes a lot of time and effort. You can share your leads easily with opt-in tools. Importing leads from other sources is also possible and easier than manually importing. Email opt-in tool is such a multi-functional tool.

See the latest Analytics and Insights:

Increase website conversion

At present without data, you are just blind. To get the highest conversion you must have to create a data-driven marketing strategy. Nowadays if you try to collect and sort data manually then it will not be considered a smart move. However, manually updating data is also troublesome. Therefore choose an email opt-in tool and they will allow you to see the updated data within a few clicks. Now you do not need to update data manually. You can also integrate your data with a third-party analytics tool, such as google analytics. Just look into the latest analytics and insights and take the right decision to increase the conversion. Now you can test your different campaign strategies and see which gives you more conversion.

Add information bar or Image and video widget:

Increase website conversion

Providing the right information is very important to convert your visitors to leads. You can easily provide information about your service or product by setting up an information bar on the top of the page. You can set a plan text bar or can add a wider to show image or video.

Image and video work better than simple text. It makes your information much more attractive to see and grabs attention quickly. With an opt-in tool, you can display a small widget on your page and show information in image format. You can also embed YouTube videos. Therefore, if you use an email opt-in tool then these types of customization become very easy.

Add bars instead of popups is possible with an email opt-in tool

Increase website conversion

Pop-Ups sometimes seem annoying. Moreover, it distracts your visitor and discourages browsing or scrolling more.

However, in this case, bars work better than pop-ups. through an email opt-in tool, you can set a collector bar top of your page so that if a visitor sees your content interesting they will provide their information happily. As you set the bar top of the page so it can be noticed easily.

Bars have other uses too. You can set a coupon bar at the top or bottom and promote your offer to increase lead generation. You can also add button bars. Button bars are small and can be set anywhere. Therefore you can promote anything more effectively with these little button bars.

Set up live counter to show social proof

Increase website conversion

If you want people to believe that your product is best then you have to increase conversion credibly. Set up a live counter to show how many visitors visit your site and purchase your product or service. Moreover, people love to follow. Therefore, if you can establish social proof then your lead conversion rate will definitely increase. An email opt-in tool has also a feature to show the latest conversation and live review to your visitors.

You can set up a modal collector with it. A modal collector is a customized form. Whenever a visitor visits your page, they will see a popup form containing information about how much people have purchased your product.

Add call to action button with email opt-in tool:

Increase website conversion

To maximize your website conversion you can add different call-to-action buttons. According to your goal and marketing strategy may need a different conversation. such as if you want your visitor to download then add a download button if you want them to call or mail you then add a contact button or add a purchase button to make them purchase your product. Whatever you want, an email opt-in tool can meet all your needs.

Allow user to give live feedback with an opt-in tool:

Increase website conversion

To increase your service quality knowing customer opinion is very important. Therefore, you have to collect customer feedback to know their user experience so that you can improve it. With an email opt-in tool, you can create a form to collect user feedback in simple text. However, if you think the ”user feedback form” is not working well you can also add emoji feedback or scoring feedback So that users can give feedback with just one click. So you are getting various options for getting user feedback. This way you can increase user engagement of your page.

Engagement link:

Increase website conversion

Sometimes people come to your website to see a specific topic, which they are searching for. However, they may like other relevant articles too. For example, if a person comes to read an article about digital marketing, they will also like to read an article about social media marketing and email marketing as they are from relevant fields. Therefore, you can suggest your user other relevant article and provide a link to redirect them to your other pages, what they may like to see. This way users will spend more time on your website and the probability of increased website conversion rate. Moreover, you can also pass your traffic to the other website.  An opt-In tool will help to set a widget to show relevant redirect links.

Adding a Social Share button:

If you have great content on your site, visitors will surely want to share it. If there is no one-click share option on your page, users will feel discouraged to share. After that, you may miss thousands of free traffics and probable leads. Therefore, if you do not want to miss your free traffic you have to set an easy sharing option. You can add a social share button for your user with an email opt-in tool to increase traffic. This way user will get a one-click share option. Ultimately, this will grow your free traffic and website conversions.

Budget-friendly and easy to use:

Increase website conversion

If you have a website developer, you can also do the entire thing mentioned above but you may know hiring a developer is really costlier. Email opt-in tool is a budget-friendly tool and meets all the needs to operate a marketing campaign. Using this tool is also easy and there is no need to know a coding language

Therefore, those are the amazing features of the email opt-in tool. To generate website conversion and boost marketing campaigns there hardly has any alternative to the email opt-in tool.

Besides, at present saving time, money and energy are important. Moreover, an email opts a tool is an all-in-one tool that can save these entire things. Now let’s create amazing marketing campaigns generate leads and start making a profit. Good Luck to all!

Using Email Opt-in Tools to Generate Leads & Increase Website Conversion

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Email opt-in tools have become so effective in our lives today. I am sure you have interacted with it more often than not, it is only that you were not aware. In simple terms, it is the client opting to be in a list of people who access certain information from a specific source. It is also called Permission advertising.

Optin tools

An optin tool is a method where you get to invite people to be part of your email list. In most cases, it is after you have attracted them using a certain item or service. You will need lead magnets like a free service that people will get once their email is in your database.

In many cases, you will notice the people in your email list are mainly those you have interacted with them before, or have heard of what you are willing to offer them. Sometimes, you get some strays which are okay.

Double optin tool

With today’s security mishaps, a new form of optin called ‘Double optin’ has been introduced. In the past, you only needed to sign up using your email and you get into the email list. However, now, you need to have the person accept that they want to be on the list before you can start sending them things.

This email optin tool is fully run and guided by the GDPR compliance that protects the consumer and also the provider from people who unnecessarily don’t need what you are offering.

Opt-in email list

The number of emails you get to accept your lead magnet form a list which we call, the optin email list. It is the number of people who will be getting access to whatever information you will be passing out to them at any time.

The exciting thing about this is that only the people who genuinely want access to your database, get to join the list. You, therefore, avoid being spammed or get your brand tarnished.

Some benefits of using the opt-in tools

  • Cheaper

More than anything, online marketing is so cheap. However, email opt-in tools have just made it cheaper. Anyone who has used email before knows how easy and cheap it is to access information and even share information. All in a click of a button.

Sharing information then on your email lists is way cheaper and so affordable for anyone. You only need your email list, your product and good internet.


  • On-time.

The idea behind marketing is getting to consumers at the right time. Opt-in tools allow you to get the product to your client base when it is still fresh and hot. Unlike the other marketing tools, where a client can only get new information from a referral.

Here, as long as you are part of the list, you will get the information immediately from the source.

  • Customer relationship.

The idea behind opt-in is that the client accepts to be part of your team. With this, it is easier for you to be on the same page with them. You get to have a mutual interaction between the two of you, over agreeable levels.

It is, therefore, easier for you to even get feedback and suggestions from them easily. You are then confident of the trust that your people have over you and the product that you are offering them at any time.

  • Effective segmentations.

The power behind opt-in tools is that only the people who are interested in your product will get involved. Marketing is all about getting to the niche that your product will work for.

With your opt-in list, you know get to have a better idea of the people you are dealing with at any time confidently.  Your marketing strategy will therefore be objective and targeting.

  • High rates of ROI’s.

According to researchers, email marketing has a way of returning your investment 40% more.  The fact that it is timely gets to the right people and at the right time, making it easier for you to get great feedback on your product.

Getting to keep your clients and even find new ways of getting new people is all dependent on your ROI. If it is low, you are sure to have more loses than gains.

  • Easy to measure.

One thing about online marketing, more so opt-in tools, is that you can measure the reaction from the clients. You can get conversion rates, click-through rates and even bounce rates. With this, you will know if they have shared it, assumed it or if they clicked on it.  The metrics behind marketing is the actual gold.

  • Boosts creativity.

Marketing is all about getting what people should want but don’t know yet. The more lead magnets you get for your product, the longer your email list will eventually be. This is a clear indication of growth and positive feedback.


  • Online purchases.

Most of the online marketing we do is to show our clients that we can also provide the product online. Therefore, it also means that if it is good, they can also buy it online. In today’s times, this is majorly how books, journals and even tutorials get shared all over and still allow the source producer to get financial profit out of it.



Trying out the opt-in tool will be one of your most objective decisions you could have ever made for your brand. It will prove to be cheaper, timely for your marketing and better to create a relationship with your client. They can even talk to you and give you effective feedback. The more click-through and bounce rates you get, will also help ensure that your website gets the marketing it needs. More people will sign up for it, and you will get the ROI that you sorely look for every time.

You can never go wrong with opt-in tools. As long as you are smart, derivative and understanding of your product and your target audience.

How you can use social proof to increase website conversion

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Social proof is a good way to show people your credibility. Many times people use product reviews to help them make a decision when purchasing a product or service. Many businesses have established a way of using social proof to increase their conversations with clients and make them at ease, knowing that other people have used the product. Thus the fear of buying the product is eliminated. Having product reviews for your business can increase your sales and the conversation rates with a higher percentage other than the product descriptions you have put. People trust the product reviews more than the product reviews because they have been signaled by others that the product or service displayed on a website is legit or not and whether you can get the value for your money.

Use Testimonials

Using social proof testimonials will help you increase the website conversation rate. Visitors are just piping in your website sorting to get a service or product rely on testimonials to make a solid decision on whether the services or product you offer are legitimate or either other people have used them before or not. Taking, for example, you are more likely to get food from a restaurant that has people enjoying their meals other than empty ones. You will be sure that the restaurant with people enjoying their meals offers quality service, making people trust them.

Let your colleagues know that they can rely on you for your services, and add them to your website as testimonials. This will help you increase your conversation rate on your website.

The Power of Social Media

Social networking is a great social proof way of increasing your website conversation rate and hence your brands. Many people use social media platforms to obtain goods and services. Therefore, to increase your website conversation rate, add share buttons to your posts so that your fans can see them and repost in their blogs or posts. Display your followers and even clients using your services or products, and this will guarantee you an increase in your website conversation rate.

Product Reviews

It’s no secret that most people depend on product reviews to purchase an item. Adding product reviews gives clients confidence that the product displayed is working perfectly or not and helps increase your website conversation rate. Display reviews, whether positive or negative, and it will build trust in your clients.

Case Study

conducting a case study is a social proof that is hard to ignore if you want to increase your website conversation rate. Conducting a case study requires that you use actual data. If companies have increased their website conversation rate by using your product, make sure to include the rates before using your product and the rates they have after using your product. Include also how their challenges were solved after using your product or services and the final results obtained. This will help you increase your website conversation rate as customers will be looking at how you have helped others see their problems solved.